The Pine River Chamber of Commerce is an active and growing community of member businesses and non-profit organizations from the Pine River region and beyond. The Executive Director spearheads the Chamber’s effort to serve as a constant support and resource for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. The Executive Director is responsible and accountable to the Board of Directors.


  • Prepare monthly agendas and reports for and attend Chamber Board meetings, develop and implement operational plans, policies, and procedures for maintaining and improving current operations.
  • Prepare budgets, oversee funds, and provide regular financial reports as directed by the Chamber Board, develop, implement, and track the financial goals and annual operating budgets for the Chamber, as well as direct the accounting and fiscal reporting processes to support the Chamber activities.
  • Clean and maintain the facility both inside and out. Responsible for ordering supplies as needed, cleaning bathrooms and the Chamber office daily, and keeping sidewalks and grounds picked up, cleaned up, and uncluttered, including snow.
  • Pick up all mail and respond to all pertinent requests for information. Responsible for Pine River brochure disbursal to local businesses, other Chambers, and state tourism sites.
  • Staffing and daily operation of the Pine River Information Center including opening and closing the Information Center daily and training Information Center volunteers.
  • Return all calls, emails, and other correspondence as soon as possible.

Member Services

  • Mail or email out yearly dues invoices to members, collecting dues, and depositing them with the Treasurer. 
  • Increase and retain membership and participation in the Chamber’s events and programs.
  • Add and remove Chamber member profiles to the website as needed.
  • Publish and promote pertinent member information on the Chamber’s website and Facebook page in a timely manner.
  • Publish a quarterly Chamber newsletter via email and/or mail.

Tourism and Events

  • Oversee all Chamber events and committees, maintain records of all official meetings and Chamber functions, and perform other duties as assigned by the Chamber Board. Chamber events include Dam Days, Distinguished Service Award Dinner, Community Garage Sale Days, Go Pine River Program, Wine, Beer, and Spirits Event, Heritage Days, Parade of Lights, monthly Chamber Member Meetings, Business After Hours events, and more.
  • Recruit and retain volunteers for Chamber events and committees. Maintain a list of contact and emergency information.
  • Publish and promote pertinent event information on the Chamber’s website and Facebook page in a timely manner. Keep the website events calendar up-to-date.
  • Issue press releases to the media for all Chamber events and other attractions sponsored by the Chamber.
  • Update the HWY 371 digital sign with current event information on a weekly basis.
  • Select Go Pine River winners on Fridays and relay information to the Treasurer and newspaper staff.

Public Relations

  • Serve as the principal spokesperson and ambassador for the Chamber for tourists, newcomers, community members, business owners, and Chamber events. 
  • Present and promote a positive image of the Pine River community.
  • Visit Chamber members on a regular basis.
  • Interact and cooperate with local officials and agencies in a positive manner.
  • Be accessible to the public and visible to the community through community affairs and activities.
  • Maintain awareness of community events and developments, attitudes, trends, and needs.

Skills and Abilities

  • Outstanding public speaking and communication skills.
  • Effective written communication skills.
  • Strong customer service skills.
  • Show initiative in pursuing the goals and objectives of the Chamber.
  • Efficient time management, organization, and event planning skills.
  • Ability to foster teamwork and collaboration between Board members, committee members, volunteers, Chamber members, community leaders, local businesses, and residents.
  • Passion for professional collaboration and networking.
  • Demonstrated ability to prepare and manage a budget, analyze performance, and project financial performance for proposed ideas, projects, and events.
  • Strong commitment to personal growth and meeting deadlines.
  • Maintain a professional appearance as an ambassador for the Chamber.
  • Ability to work a wide and flexible range of business hours, including evenings and weekends on an occasional basis. Longer hours are expected during the busy summer schedule, with less hours expected in the slower winter season.


  • $30,000 per year
  • 10 PTO days per year
  • Paid holidays (if the holiday falls on a business day): New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

How to Apply