A family owned business since October 3rd 1971. On that date, the company Eveland’s Incorporated was official. For the first year, Eveland’s Inc. manufactured a small fiberglass travel trailer called a Bohler for a small outfit out of Canada. Financially Bohler was forced to shut the doors and under the reign of Duane Eveland the Scamp Trailer was born. From the beginning, trailers were sold as “put together yourself” kits which were shipped to customers in a larger crate. The awkward crate and time consuming assembly quickly became outdated. The trailers started being manufactured and assembled in the factory after a couple years. New ideas were flying around for Eveland’s Inc. such as a small motorhome, scamp on a pontoon, and a towable fifth wheel. The small motorhomes were made in the years of 1985-1986. During these years, 15-30 motorhomes were assembled on Dodge Dakotas, Chevrolet S10’s, midsized Fords, and midsized Toyotas. Since then the trailers have evolved into structurally infinint travel trailer.

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